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Ozonetherapy for equine laminitis [abstract]


PURPOSE: To teach and to demonstrate the efficiency of ozone therapy in horses with chronic laminitis.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Six horses with chronic laminitis were treated with two ozonetherapy techniques. All horses were 4/5 or 5/5 grade lameness (1), showed severe pain in the fore limbs and were no able to move.
Use used:
- Inyectable distilled water
- 14G Catheter needles
- 500 ml blood transfusion bags
- Venoset
- Gloves
- 60 ml syringes
- 2% Lidocaine
- Medicinal oxygen
- Ozone generator
- 21G butterfly needles
1 Spanish horse and 2 Quarter horses were treated with hyperperfusion technique via cephalic vein injecting 60 ml of distilled water previously ozonized with 85 mcgr/mL of the oxygen-ozone mixture.
1 Thoroughbred, 1 Appaloosa and 1 Quarter horse were treated with the hyperperfusion technique via the cephalic vein and with major autohemotherapy (2,3) extracting 250 ml of blood in a transfusion bag and ozonizing it with 250 ml of the ozone-oxygen mixture with concentration of 23-25 mcgr/mL.
4 horses were treated weekly for 4 sessions (Spanish, 2 Quarter horse, Thoroughbred). Those patients improved between 90 and 95%. The grade of lameness were between 1/5 and 2/5 after treatment.
2 horses (1 Quarter horse and Appaloosa) were treated once, they did not improved as they were not evaluated nor treated with the established protocol.

DISCUSSION: Compared to conventional treatments (3), ozonetherapy yielded better results in time and quality of recovery.

CONCLUSION: Ozonetherapy is the best choice we have developed for chronic laminitis in horses.


horse laminitis; ozone therapy

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