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Clinical applications of ozone in horses of Mexico [abstract]


INTRODUCTION: The industry of equines has grown exponentially in the last 30 years as well as medicine, which is why it is essential to have cutting-edge treatments to accelerate recovery processes in both: time and quality. In the last 8 years, we have implemented treatments based on ozone therapy and translational therapies such as ozone therapy (OP) and ozonated PRP.
Athletes horses suffer injuries associated with the different disciplines of the equestrian environment but some walking horses or geriatricians present chronic diseases and injuries that require quality care for their rehabilitation (1).
In addition to diseases, it is necessary to emphasize that OP has been an excellent option for those athlete horses that need to improve their metabolism or to increase the energy reserves and oxygenation to fulfill their activities in the tracks.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The following are the diseases and routes of administration that have been used and developed to treat horses in our group:
- MAHT and mAHT: Performance improvement and pain Degenerative joint disease (2)
- Ozonated distilled water intra articular injection: Arthritis and DJD, back problems, tendonitis and desmitis
- Local gas injection, OP and ozonized PRP: Stiffness of the skeletal structure
- Hyper perfusion with ozonated distilled water via radial or brachial vein: Hoof diseases and laminitis
- Local lavages and ozonated oil (3): Corneal ulcers, sinusitis, skin

DISCUSSION: Compared with conventional therapies, ozone and its combinations showed to be better options for treatment.

CONCLUSION: OP and translational medicine have proven to be the best way to improve the health of horses.


horse diseases; ozone therapy

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