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Treatment for radicular compression experience of 926 cases in Bolivia [abstract]


PURPOSE: The present study aims to demonstrate the advantage of treating the radicular compression with the minimally invasive approach such as the discolysis with Ozone Therapy, rather than the surgical approach that we know has complications such as the spine fail back syndrome. This study shows the experience in Bolivia shows from August 2004 to August 2016.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Were treated 926 patients with radicular compression at cervical, thoracic and lumbar level 569 males and 357 females First were performed intra discal injections, the discolysis, of ozone at 30 mcgr/mL followed by 15 or 20 paravertebral injections at 20 mcgr/mL.

RESULTS: Among the 926 patients with radicular compression were observed that sensory and motor dysfunction were completely abolished in 611 patients (66%) improved in 176 patients (19%) and with poor results and the dysfunction remained unchanged in 139 patients 15% some of them underwent surgical treatment.

DISCUSSION: The discolysis with Ozone is a minimally invasive approach is atraumatic and safety and with this method avoids complications such as spine fail back syndrome, which in USA statistics are reported in 15% to 20%.

CONCLUSION: With the treatment of ozone therapy is possible to obtain excellent and good results in 85 % of the cases. Ozone is a useful alternative the effectiveness using this minimal invasive method can avoid complications like spine fail back syndrome.


disc herniation; ozone injections

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