The long and winding road

The long and winding road.


It has been a very long trip since I wrote my last editorial. The first issue of the Journal received a strong welcome from all over the world in the beginning of 2016, but there was something missing that drove us to a winding road that ended in an even stronger situation: the support of the University of Valencia’s Publication Service (UVPS). The missing thing in the first issue was the DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

All the online journals have a DOI to identify the papers and allow a permanent link to them. Each DOI is unique for each paper. We look for a DOI provider in our environment and found the UVPS to offer DOIs for free to their teachers. As I am one of them, I went to ask for the requirements and the first one was to have an Open Journal; I emailed the WFOT Board and all agreed to change our journal policy to an Open one. Then, the University offered us to use their Open Journal System (OJS) of edition for free. This was a hard decision to take, because we have spent many hours developing our own free edition system, but the UVPS’s OJS offered something else … free indexation! So we decided to move the edition process to OJS.

It took us ONE YEAR to setup the OJS for our journal and when we finally got it ready, our journal web site ( was HACKED. We had then to change our domain name to the current one and use a secure protocol to access the journal (https), modify some security issues and move the contents of the old web site to the new one. Who says that the editorial work is boring?

Many papers for issue 2 had been sent using the old editorial manager, so we move them into the new OJS; some authors suffered this migration. Thanks for the patience!

Lately, is was impossible to get 10 papers for the second issue in 2017, so we decided to postpone the papers compiled for issue number 2 to issue number 3 and devote this second issue to be the Proceedings of our 5th WFOT Meeting in Mumbai – India. We upload all the abstracts to the system, that have been peer reviewed and language checked by our language copyeditor. When all this was done, the UVPS updated OJS and included a tool for NLM/Pubmed export that obliged us to re-review the papers for a proper indexation.

To finish our trip, we got our desired DOIs for our journal’s papers and we are ready for Pubmed indexing. The papers planned to be published now have been assigned to issue number 3, we want to publish this year in June-July. We have already papers for issues numbers 4 and 5 (2019) so I am happy to say that the Journal of Ozone Therapy is rolling on!!!

Again, thanks to every author for their patience. Now we start pushing for Pubmed indexation and have good Impact Factor. We have the tools and the help of the UVPS, but we need you all to get the journal we all need and want.

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