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Ozone Therapy in joint pathology [abstract]


Ozone therapy is minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of various medical problems including osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder etc .We report the treatment on a series of patients affected by joint pathology, treated by injection of oxygen-ozone gas mixture. This is an experience of treating acute and chronic disease of the large joints (knee, shoulder, hip) by intra and peri-articular injections of an oxygen- ozone gas mixture. The patients were assessed before and after treatment. In addition to a resolution of joint pain, patients had a good functional recovery of their daily activities and the treatment was well-tolerated.

Forty–three patients, ages ranging from 32 years through 76 years were treated with the injection of oxygen-ozone mixture. Indications for treatment were hip and knee osteoarthritis, and frozen shoulder .All patients were treated with multiple, intermittent injections at regular intervals. Under local anesthesia approximately 20 ml of an ozone-oxygen mixture of 10ug/ml ozone was injected with1a 22G needle puncture under C –arm guidance where necessary. After 2 and 6 weeks patients were asked to rate the treatment success on a numeric pain scale from 0 to 10.Patients were put on a rehabilitative physiotherapy program at 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, most patients had satisfactory pain relief of various degrees. Four patients reported no change (all had advanced stages of osteo arthritis). On follow up, 2 of those had effective pain relief while the remaining 2 had no change, and went on for surgery. At a 6 week follow up pain relief was still satisfactory for all.

Joint disorders can very successfully be treated by means of oxygen-ozone mixture locally administered. The medical ozone injection is thought to affect both the mechanical and inflammatory components of pain. Ozone therapy is a promising treatment option for patients with symptomatic joint pathology, failed conservative therapies, and are not considered candidates for open surgery.


ozone therapy; knee osteoarthritis; hip osteoarthitis; frozen shoulder

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