Acritarch findings in Early Paleozoic, Low-grade metasediments of Sardinia (Italy): A review.


Acritarchs were found in the weakly metamorphosed deposits of the Hercynian belt of Sardinia (ltaly). Silurian assemblages has been described from the Outer Zone of the Sardinian chain since 1979. From the same zone, recently, Early Tremadocian acritarchs associated with graptolites have also been found. In the Nappe Zone of Central Sardinia the palynomorphs were found in Late Cambrian to Arenigian, terrigenous formations. The preservation of acritarchs in metamorphosed and strongly deformed rocks such as the Sardinian Paleozoic metasediments is discussed. The most important geological implications of the palynological datings are also briefly examined.

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Palynology, Early Paleozoic, Hercynian, Metasediments, Low-grade, Sardinia.

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