First record of Gzhelian fusulinaceans from the Carboniferous of northern Spain


Several fusulinacean species of Gzhelian age have been found in a section close to the village of Asiego, in the northern part of Picos de Europa Massifs (Cantabrian Mountains). These specimens, which were collected in limestone beds from the upper part of the Puentelles Formation, belong to the genera Triticites, Rauserites, Jigulites, Ferganites and Quasifusulina and are the youngest fusulinaceans recorded in the Carboniferous of the Cantabrian Mountains. Among these microfaunas, Jigulites sp. bears the main stratigraphic significance since the Jigulites species are considered to be restricted to the Gzhelian stage. Therefore, the discovery of these species proves the presence of Gzhelian marine deposits in the area.

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Fusulinaceans, Gzhelian, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain

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