Lower Permian rugose corals from Kangmar County, South Tibet, China


Lower Permian strata are widely developed in South Tibet and yield abundant but poorly preserved rugose corals, brachiopods and bryozoans, especially in Kangmar County and adjacent regions where the selected Permian standard section of Gondwana facies of Tibet is located. Some solitary rugose corals from Kungurian to Kazanian age are systematically described herein. The descriptions include four identified species (three of them, Lophophyllidium robustum, Plerophyllum tibeticum, and Plerophyllum jiangbuense are new) and six indeterminate species belonging to six genera. The whole assemblage -containing genera such as Plerophyllum, Pentaphyllum, Lophophyllidium and Euryphyllum- place this assemblage in the Gondwana zoogeographical Realm.

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Rugosa, Taxonomy, Diagenesis, Zoogeography, Lower Permian, South Tibet, China

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