Quaternary non-marine ostracods from lake beds in northern Patagonia.


Eleven species of non-marine cytheracean and cypridacean Ostracoda are recorded from a series of lake beds with different climatic histories, in a West to East transect across the north-western part of Rio Negro Province in northern Patagonia. Five species, Limnocythere patagonica, L. rionegroensis, Eucypris virgata, E. labyrinthica and Ilyocypris ramirezi are designated as new. One species, Kapcypridopsis sp. is left in open nomenclature while Eucypris fontana (Graf), E. virens (Jurine), Candonapsis brasiliensis Sars, Cypridopsis intermedia Sars and Sarcypridopsis aculeata (Costa) are known species. The palaeosalinity tolerances of the various species is discussed in relationship to the history of the respective lakes.

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Argentina, Northern Patagonia, freshwater Ostracoda, Quaternary, new taxa

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