New Rugosochonetidae (Brachiopoda) from the upper Bashkirian and Moscovian of the Cantabrian Mountains (N Spain).


The Rugosochonetidae are widely spread in the Carboniferous of the Cantabrian Mountains and they have often been described or cited by previous authors. In this paper we present a study of the Rugosochonetidae found in upper Bashkirian and Moscovian (Pennsylvanian) rocks from the Cantabrian Mountains. The diagnosis of the family is modified in order to accommodate forms with a typical rugosochonetid ornamentation but without a dorsal median septum, which are included in the new genus Riosanetes, type genus of the new subfamily Riosanetinae. The new species Riosanetes fernandezi (type species of the new genus), Neochonetes (Neochonetes) villamaninensis, N. (N.) saenzi, N. (N.) asturianus, and N. (N.) babianus are described. The latter species is based on material previously described by us as Neochonetes acanthophorus (Girty, 1934).

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Brachiopods, chonetids, Rugosochonetidae, Bashkirian, Moscovian, Carboniferous, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain.

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