Non-marine invertebrate trace fossils from the Tertiary Calatayud-Teruel basin, NE Spain


Relatively diverse trace fossils made by insects, other arthropods and oligochaete worms occur in the Miocene lacustrine and marginal lacustrine deposits of the Calatayud-Teruel basin (NE Spain). They include the ichnospecies Celliforma isp., Celliforma? isp. A and B, Celliforma? aff. habari, Rosellichnus cf. arabicus, Spongeliomorpha isp., Labyrintichnus terrerensis n. igen. et isp., Taenidium barreti, Beaconites filiformis n. isp. and Polykladichnus aragonensis n. isp. Their taxonomic and ethologic interpretations and cross-cutting relationships permit to envisage new lines of evidence for reconstructing transitions from dry-ground terrestrial to moist-ground and subaqueous environments, related to episodic floodings in lacustrine ponds. These environmental transitions (related to external controls) are characterized by benthic community replacements, evinced by vertical successions of Termitichnus, Scoyenia and Mermia-like ichnofacies. 

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Pistas fósiles, icnofacies, depósitos lacustres, Mioceno, España.

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