Lower Eocene (Middle Ilerdian) brachiopods from the Campo region, Central Pyrenees, north-eas tern Spain


Three brachiopod species, Terebratulina tenuistriata (Leymerie, 1846), Argyrotheca vidali (Mallada, 1878), and "Terebratula" n. sp., are recognized in the marls and calcareous silts of the Lower Eocene Puebla Formation of the Campo region in the Central Pyrenees, north-eastern Spain. The rich and well preserved material of T. tenuistriata and A. vidali allows to recognize the range of their morphological variability and to evaluate the status of earlier established species. The investigated assemblage is characterized by the small, pedunculate taxa adapted to life on a soft bottom anchoring directly in a soft substrate or attaching to very small, hard substrates. 

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Brachiopoda, taxonomía, Eoceno inferior, llerdiense, España.

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