Upper Frasnian and Lower Famennian (Upper Devonian) conodonts of the Compte section (Spanish Central Pyrenees)


Through the study of conodonts, strata around the Frasnian–Famennian boundary in the Compte section were analyzed in detail. Twenty-four samples in a 12 m thick sequence yielded 13 species of conodonts belonging to AncyrodellaAncyrognathusIcriodusPalmatolepis, and Polygnathus. Besides conodonts, other groups such as foraminifers, radiolarians, brachiopods, ostracods and crinoids were also found in the sequence. The conodont record, shows the FZ13, from the uppermost Frasnian, and the minuta and crepida zones from the lower Famennian. The last Frasnian fossil was obtained from Bed 92b and the first Famennian fossil was from Bed 92d, which are separated by about 45 cm. Thus, between these two samples, the lowest three Famennian conodont zones have to be represented or missing. The absence of any stratigraphic hiatus between these levels suggests that extreme condensation took place in the early Famennian in the CP section. 

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Frasnian; Famennian; conodonts; biostratigraphy; Pyrenees

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