New data on Cryptonella truyolsi García-Alcalde, 1999, cryptonellid (Terebratulidina) of the Cantabrian Mountains (N Spain)


A new population of Cryptonella truyolsi García-Alcalde, 1999 has been found in Caldas de Luna (province of León, Spain), La Vid Group, Coladilla Formation, level M-CAL-15 (upper part), upper Emsian. Most of morphological characters of the new specimens closely agree with those of the original Cryptonella truyolsi collections. However, serial sections made on a specimen of the new population show an anteriorly open cryptonelliform brachial loop that it is wider, and slightly shorter than that of the original material; furthermore, the descending and ascending branches are only fused along the anterior third of the loop, and the transverse band is narrower, and it is folded at its middle part. The diagnosis of Cryptonella truyolsi is consequently emended.

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Terebratulida Cryptonelloidea, Lower Devonian, Cantabrian Mountains, N Spain, brachial loop

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