First Stegosaurian Dinosaur remains from the Early Cretaceous of Burgos (Spain), with a review of Cretaceous stegosaurs


Stegosaurian remains from the Early Cretaceous (Wealden beds, probably Hauterivian-Barremian) of Aldea del Pinar (Burgos, Spain) are described. The material consists of the ?most posterior dorsal vertebra and a partial dermal plate. The general form of the vertebra, with a massive centrum, a prominent lateral depression and solid neural arch pedicels, is reminiscent of the dorsal vertebrae of Dacentrurus, but the centrum is even more massive than in this genus from the Late Jurassic. Pending the discovery of new fossils, the Burgos material is provisionally referred to as Stegosauria indeterminate. This is the first report of stegosaurs in the region of Castilla y León and one of the few records of this group of thyreophoran dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous of Europe. The occurrence of other Cretaceous stegosaurs is reviewed.

Palabras clave

Dinosauria, Stegosauria, Early Cretaceous, Burgos, Spain.

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