A review of the genus Kingaspis (Trilobita, Lower Cambrian) from Spain and its biostratigraphical consequences for correlation in the Mediterranean subprovince


Several specimens of the genus Kingaspis from the Lower Cambrian of Valdoré (León Province), Los Cortijos de Malagón (Ciudad Real Province), Murero, Ataca, Jarque and Tierga (Zaragoza Province) have been revised from a systematic point of view in order to decide their biostratigraphical value and their correlations within the Mediterranean subprovince. After the systematic study, the chronological order was found to be: Kingaspis (Kingaspidoides) velata, Kingaspis (Kingaspidoides) cf. velata and Kingaspis (Kingaspis) campbelli. Kingaspis (Kingaspidoides) velata is typical of the Marianian Stage while K. (Kingaspidoides) cf. velata belongs to the upper Marianian?-lower Bilbilian Stage. Kingaspis. (K.) campbelli was found in the upper Bilbilian levels of several Spanish localities. This fact facilitates the comparison between Spanish, Moroccan and Jordanian upper Lower Cambrian because this species is present in all these countries.

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Kingaspis, Trilobita, Lower Cambrian, biostratigraphy, Spain, Mediterranean subprovince

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