Paleobiology and paleobiogeography of sclerorhynchid sawfishes (Chondrichthyes, Batomorphii)


Sclerorhynchid sawfishes are a monophyletic group of Cretaceous selachians. They resemble modern sawfishes in the outer morphology and by having a hypertrophic rostral cartilage armed with lateral rows of spines. Generally, sclerorhynchid sawfishes were inhabitants of warm, shallow tropical and subtropical marine environments. Teeth of the oldest sclerorhynchid sawfishes from Spain are presented. They belong to Onchopristis Stromer and come from the lower Barrernian of eastern Spain. The paleobiology and paleogeographic pattern of sclerorhynchid sawfishes is reviewed and discussed.

Palabras clave

Sclerorhynchidae, Batomorphii, paleobiology, paleobiogeography.

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