Non-marine invertebrate trace fossils from the Tertiary Calatayud- Teruel Basin, NE Spain. Reply


We thank the comments of Dr Calzada. We think that this kind of discussions is very healthy to the Paleontology and it would be necessary to do it more frequently, so that thanks again for your example. It is true that some of the descriptions of ichnofossils in our work need further discussion and comments, but when we analysed several poorly-preserved specimens (such as the so-called Spongeliomorpha isp.) we preferred to make a quick introduction and describe them in open nomenclature. It was beyond the scope of our paper to make a revision of the ichnogenus with this kind of material, but we hope that Calzada's comments and our reply will improve some ideas concerning the ichnogenus Spongeliomorpha.

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