Montlivaltia multiformis Toula (Scleractinia) from the Aptian of the Prebetic Domain (SE Spain)


Montlivaltia multiformis Taula (Scleractinia, Faviina, Montlivaltidae), formerly reported from the Carpatho Balkanic domain is described from Lower Aptian beds of the Prebetic Domain (SE Spain). Taxonomic attributes include the organisation of radial elements, septal trabeculae, carinae and endothecal elements while the external morphology of the coralla is fairly variable. The sedimentological context suggests a circalittoral environment also supported by palaecological features of the surrounding fauna. Owing to its stratigraphic position in the Carpatho-Balkanic region and in Spain, Montlivaltia multiformis appears as a potential marker for both shallow carbonate or outer shelf settings of the Lower Aptian Tethys European margin.

Palabras clave

Scleractinia, Montlivaltia, Aptian, Prebetic Domain, Spain.

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