A Lower Devonian (Emsian) species of the genus Bactrocrinites (crinoidea): Bactrocrinites robustus n. sp. (Cantabrian Mountains, NW Spain)


The only previous reference to Spanish bactrocrinitids (Crinoids) is found in Breimer (1962), who reports a specimen catalogued as TB73 on show at the museum of the Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME) in Madrid. This specimen was found in the locality of Colle, León (Cantabrian Mountains) in rocks of the La Vid Group (Emsian). It was classified as Bactrocrinites sp., and was considered to be related to B. fusiformis (Roemer, 1844) and to B. muelleri (Jaeckel, 1895). New and exhaustive search in the locality of Colle have led to the discovery of two new specimens of the genus whose characteristics allow a new species to be defined: B. robustus n. sp., with a much more robust calyx than the other known species of the genus.

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Crinoidea, Inadunata, Bactrocrinites, Emsian, La Vid Group, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain

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