Taxonomic study of scallops (Pectinidae: mollusca, bivalvia) from Pliocene deposits (Almería, SE Spain)


A taxonomic study has been carried out on scallops (family Pectinidae: Mollusca, Bivalvia) occurring in the lower-earliest middle Pliocene deposits of the Campo de Dalías, Almería-Níjar Basin, and Carboneras Basin (province of Almería, SE Spain). The recently proposed suprageneric phylogenetic classification scheme for the family (Waller, 2006a) has been followed. Twenty two species in twelve genera (Aequipecten, Amusium, Chlamys, Flabellipecten, Flexopecten, Gigantopecten, Hinnites, Korobkovia, Manupecten, Palliolum, Pecten, and Pseudamussium) and three subfamilies (Chalmydinae, Palliolinae, and Pectininae) have been identified. This number of species is higher than previously reported for the same area. Additionally, the phylogenetic classification followed in this paper modifies the species attributions formerly used.

Palabras clave

Pectinidae, taxonomy, Pliocene, Almería, SE Spain

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