Recension of Collins, M.E., Manchester, S.R. & Wilde, W. 2012


Collins, M.E., Manchester, S.R. & Wilde, W. 2012. Fossil fruits and seeds of the Middle Eocene Messel biota, Germany.Abhandlungen der Senckenberg Gessellschaft für Naturforschung, 570, 251 pp. ISBN 978-3-510-61400-4

This book presents a survey of the extensive fruit and seed collection found at the Middle Eocene Messel site. The first part of the book is dedicated to a few introductory chapters about the site, geologic setting, age control of the sedimentary sequence and taphonomy of the fossil remains. It is worth pointing out that unlike many lacustrine deposits in which fruits are preserved as impressions, most of the Messel plant macrofossils are preserved as remnants of the original plant material.

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