An Early Aptian coral fauna from the Prebetic (southern Spain)


From the Lower Aptian of the Betic Cordillera a small hermatypic coral fauna is reported. The sampled outcrop is located in the Sierra de la Muela (Prebetic, South Spain). The studied corals come from a carbonate platform megasequence, deposited in the Southern Iberian Palaeomargin during the Early-Late Aptian transition. The coral fauna consists of 19 species in 13 genera belonging to the suborders Archeocaeniina, Faviina, Fungiina, Meandrinina, Microsolenina, and Stylinina. The coral fauna consists of typical and common species. It shows relationship of mainly Barremian to Early Albian faunas from the Western Tethys

Palabras clave

Shallow marine platform, taxonomy, Cretaceous, western Tethys

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