New mosasaurid teeth (Reptilia: Squamata) from the Maastrichtian of Albaina (Laño quarry, condado de Treviño)


We report on new mosasaurid remains, namely isolated teeth, from the Upper Maastrichtian shallow marine environment of Albaina in the Laño quarry (Condado de Treviño). The new specimens belong mostly to mosasaurines, i.e., Mosasaurus hoffmanni, Prognathodon solvayi, Prognathodon sectorius, and to the russellosaurine plioplatecarpine Platecarpus cf. ictericus. Prognathodon solvayi and Platecarpus cf. ictericus were previously known from Albaina. This is the first mention in the site of Mosasaurus hoffmanni, widespread in Maastrichtian outcrops located around palaeolatidude 30- 40ºN, from New Jersey (USA) to Turkey passing through Europe where it is commonly found. Prognathodon sectorius has a comparable palaeobiogeographical distribution, though not so expanded, that M. hoffmanni, being known in the Maastrichtian of New Jersey (USA) and Europe and, since recently, in the Campanian of Navarre. With six different taxa reported here, Albaina is the richest outcrop in specific mosasaurid diversity from the Maastrichtian of southern Europe

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Mosasauridae, Iberian Peninsula, latest Cretaceous, palaeobiogeography

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