The fossil record of the uppermost Maastrichtian Reptile Sandstone (Tremp Formation, northeastern Iberian Peninsula)


Numerous localities with vertebrate remains, including dinosaurs (sauropods, ornithopods, theropods and ankylosaurus), crocodiles and turtles, are known in the Arén and Tremp Formations (Maastrichtian, norheastern Iberian Peninsula). This diverse fossil record is improving our understanding of the history of the latest Mesozoic faunas in Europe. A conspicuous 7 meter thick sandstone and/or microconglomerate level (the so called Reptile Sandstone) occurs near the top of the “lower red unit” of the Tremp Formation, about 10 meters below the base of the “Vallcebre limestone”, which is Danian in age. Bone remains and ichnites are known in the Reptile Sandstone, and represent one of the youngest vertebrate records in the Maastrichtian of the Tremp Formation. New finding carried out in north Barcelona province complement the fossil assemblage of the Reptile Sandstone with turtle, crocodile, theropod and possible sauropod remains in addition to hadrosaurs

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Late Maastrichtian, Tremp Formation, Reptile Sandstone

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