Microstructure of Triassic conodont Pseudofurnishius murcianus van den Boogaard: Functional implications


Pseudofurnishius murcianus van den Boogaard is a Triassic conodont with a very characteristic morphology, a blade with a rostral platform heavily denticulated, that makes it easily distinguishable from other coeval species. It is a well-know taxon that has been the object of several palaeobiological works, focused on their apparatus reconstruction, ontogeny and, recently, their P1 element function. In order to increase our palaeobiology knowledge of this taxon we undertook a histological analysis to corroborate the functional hypothesis established for this conodont. The histological study demonstrated the presence of different microstructural types, suggesting that they are functional adaptions due to the slicing function that the P1 elements performed

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Microstructure, conodont function, palaeobiology

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