Aptian-Albian coral faunas from the Sierra del Carche (Prebetic, Murcia, southern Spain)


Three small coral faunas from the Early Aptian, Latest Aptian and Late Albian from a sedimentary section in the Sierra del Carche are described. A total of 17 species in 15 genera of the suborders Amphiastraeina, Archeocaeniina, Faviina, Fungiina, Heteroceniina, Microsolenina, and Stylinina are reported. One species in the genus Heteropistophyllium is described as new. The Early Aptian fauna encompasses six species, the Late Aptian fauna three species and the Late Albian fauna ten species. The three faunas do almost not share species. There are only colonial corals

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Cretaceous, taxonomy, invertebrates

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