On some bythocytherid (Ostracoda) from the Viséan of Triollo (N Palencia, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain)


Viséan rocks are widespread in the Cantabrian Mountains, but despite the abundance of some fossil groups (particularly conodonts and cephalopods) in these strata, very few ostracods have been reported. Rich silicified ostracods faunas have been found in the Viséan of the Triollo area (north Palencia, Cantabrian Mountains, Spain). Among numerous elements, some belong to the family Bythocytheridae, a conspicuous element of the Thuringian Paleozoic Mega-Assemblage. Three species of the bythocytherid genus Paraberounella are described in this paper. One of them, Paraberounella? wagneri n. sp., is assigned to the genus with some reservations

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Ostracoda, systematics, Carboniferous, Viséan, Cantabrian Mountains

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