Palynoflora from the Permian Stores Formation (Picos de Europa, Asturias, Northern Spain)


A new spore and pollen assemblage has been discovered in the Stores Formation (Picos de Europa, Asturias, North of Spain). The palynoflora includes: Alisporites splendens, Fimbriaesporites fimbratus, Gardenasporites heisseli, Hamiapollenites bullaeformis, Lueckisporites virkkiae, Potonieisporites novicus, Protohaploxypinus microcorpus, Vittania costabilis, Vittalina saccata, Striatopodocarpidites cf. cancellatus, Alisporites sp. Endosporites sp, Platysaccus sp., Punctatisporites sp., Verrucosisporites sp. and unidentified pollen grains and microspores. A Kungurian age is suggested for the fossil site, which has implications for the understanding of the Late Variscan evolution of the Iberian Peninsula

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Palynostratigraphy, Permian, Kungurian, Picos de Europa, Iberian Peninsula

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