Diversity of large ornithopod dinosaurs in the upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) of Teruel (Spain): a morphometric approach


We report some large ornithopod vertebrae from two upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian (Lower Cretaceous) localities in El Castellar (Maestrazgo Basin, Teruel,Spain).These fossils have been studied systematically as well as morphometrically using a multivariate analysis in order to analyse the diversity of the sample. In fact, principal component analysis has been demonstrated as a useful tool for establishing affinities in isolated iguanodontian vertebrae, at least when size effect is not removed from the analysed dataset. As result of this study, twolarge indeterminate styracosternans are distinguished in the sample: a large one with platycoelus anterior caudal vertebrae related to the genera Magnamanusand Iguanodon, and a middle-sized one with longer-than-high dorsal vertebrae and amphicoelus anterior caudal vertebrae related to Morelladon. Such diversity of large ornithopods observed in the upper Hauterivian-lower Barremian of the Maestrazgo Basin is similar to that previously observed in Western Cameros Basin and it demonstrates the presence of at least two different forms of styracosternan in this stratigraphic range of the Iberian Peninsula.

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