The negligence and lazy of the Administration: the greatest danger to the conservation of the unique lagerstätte sites


An example is given of one of the most important sites in the Spanish fossil record, such as the almost a hundred moulds of ancient jellyfish of hydrozoan Medusozoa, Cnidaria, exceptionally preserved in an arkosic greywacke bedding plane of the Corduban/Terreneuvian Epoch (lowermost Cambrian) in the municipal district of Constantina (Seville). In spite of its scientific-patrimonial importance and the fact that it has been brought to the attention of the Andalusian autonomous administration for more than twenty-five years, it has still not been the object of an adequate legal protection figure. This lack of interest or bureaucratic slowness is causing an irreparable loss in many of its elements affected by erosion and the passage of time. A series of urgent actions are also proposed to mitigate the current deterioration of the site and favour its conservation.

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