Exploratory factorial structure of institutional authoritarianism


Background. Social work focused on intervention has generated models ranging from charity to the establishment of devices as public and social policies have crystallized in exclusion processes such as social issues, social domination, social suffering, loss the social bond and streamlining other.

Objective. Discuss the scope and limits of social work as a device address to the management policies of the -Tecnopolítica- communication and management of -Necropolítica- emotions.

Method. Documental study with a selection of sources considering the keywords of exclusion, domination, suffering, tie and rationalization.

Discussion. Social Work as a device intervention should consider forms of state and government schemes to establish the scope and limits of social protection and social promotion.

Conclusion. Social Work as interventional device could be oriented to the intercession, since in the framework of governance is necessary dialogue rather than imposition.

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