Society survival theory and the contemporary age: proposal of a system approach


We present in this article a first system approach to the society survival theory. This theory predicts the emergency of some new socio-economic structures and their ideological supra-structures. The causes of these emergencies are pressures and punctual crises. Thus, the evolution of societies is not described by a linear and progressive vision, as a consequence of progress. Oppositely, the society survival theory defends the existence of some mechanisms of survival that are present in all type of societies and in any historic stage. The future mathematical model, based on this system approach, should simulate these mechanisms that would contribute, for instance, to understand the fall of the Ancient Regime and the emergence of the First French Republic. The French Revolution was the most important event of the beginning of Contemporary Age, and it was a great important event for the development of the contemporary world. This event is explained through the society survival theory.

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