The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences


The IASCYS (The International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences) was initially established by IFSR (The International Federation for Systems Research ) but is now open to all “organizations covering or applying systems theories and cybernetics around the world“ (article added to the IFSR’s decision on establishment of IASCYS in 2010 and passed in 2012 The IFSR current President is Garry Metcalf. The IFSR ( publishes 2 times a year a report on its activities in its on line newsletter, whose editor is the IFSR Secretary General, currently Gerhard Chroust. After a 2 years round of thinking and discussion (first IFSR board of trustees session, 26 March 2008), the Academy was founded by the IFSR in April 2010, the 7th, in Vienna (Austria). The founding members were: Matjaz Mulej (Slovenia) as President, Jifa Gu (PR China) and Ranulph Glanville (UK) as Vice-Presidents, Pierre Bricage (France) as Secretary General, Guangya Chen, Shouyang Wang and Jiuping Xu (PR China), Charles François and Enrique Herrscher (Argentina), Kyoichi Jim Kijima and Yoshiteru Nakamori (Japan), Andrej Wierzbicki (Poland) and Robert Vallée (France) President of WOSC (

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