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Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Example

por Lily Johnson (2020-07-24)

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Nurses rely on several theories when offering their services. It is because nursing is a complex undertaking that needs to be grounded on viable theories, which are capable of guiding nurse practitioners. Several theorists have given essential contributions to nursing through theory development. This discussion presents an analysis of Hildegard E. Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations. The theory asserts that nursing is a therapeutic process that involves interaction between at least two people. You can read a full Peplau interpersonal relations theory analysis on our webpage! 
The theory of interpersonal relations is one of the most commonly used nursing theories. It was developed by the theorist called Hildegard E. Peplau (Wayne, 2014). Peplau was born in 1909 in Pennsylvania, USA. She pursued a diploma program in Pottstown and graduated in 1931. Peplau attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in interpersonal psychology from Bennington College in 1943 before pursuing an MA in psychiatric nursing from Columbia University in 1947. In 1953, Peplau attained an EdD in curriculum development (Wayne, 2014).

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