Close to me. Intercooperation between Cooperative Retailers, Local Food Suppliers and Public Institutions to boost Regional Agrifood Systems. The case of Eroski


This paper analyses the intercooperation between public administration, small agricultural producers and the supermarket cooperative Eroski in the Basque and Navarre to promote a local agrifood system. Through a case study with 22 interviews with different members of the system, certain advantages and limitations of intercooperation are identified. The retailer emerges as the main agent with the potential to drive the supply of the local agro-livestock sector and promote its professionalisation through the formation of agricultural cooperatives and other associative networks. The relevance of a correct organisational culture alignment between the retailer and its suppliers and the influence of codependence and power imbalances between these two parties are highlighted. The case offers clues to other retailers who are interested in improving their local positioning, to small local producers wishing to develop their business in a sustainable way with large scale distribution, and to public institutions wishing to promote local agrifood systems in collaboration with large retailers.

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