Rethinking the stylistic categories of Portuguese 19th century sculpture: the work of António Teixeira Lopes


This paper aims to rethink 19th century Portuguese sculpture’s stylistic categories from the analysis of the work of António Teixeira Lopes, who is considered the major representative of naturalism in this country. First, the concept of naturalism in Portuguese art history is examined, with a critical characterization of its separation from romanticism (contrasting with mainstream literature) and demonstrating that its emergence from painting research and its adoption in sculpture is inoperative when observing a concrete art work. Secondly, with the Portuguese art reality as a backdrop, Teixeira Lopes’ academic and professional life is contextualised. Finally, based on the analysis of the sculptor’s work and the knowledge of his methods and views on art, the labelling of Lopes as a naturalist is questioned and the necessity for a less compartmentalized understanding of 19th century art is stressed.

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