How do organisms adapt to climate change? Chromosomal inversions in 'Drosophila subobscura': The case of Serbian populations

Francesc Mestres Naval, Goran Zivanovic, Conxita Arenas Sola


It is well known that chromosomal inversions in natural populations of the species Drosophila subobscura are adaptations to changes in the environment. It has been observed that inversions change in frequency over time and that they are so far following the pattern expected given the global warming of our planet. These results have been brought to light by our research on Serbian populations of D. subobscura. We found that inversion-related changes in chromosomal polymorphisms depended on the season of the year and in the long term (10-15 year periods) they followed what we would expect given global warming. Therefore, chromosomal inversions in this species are good indicators of climate change and can help us to study how organisms adapt to it. 


Drosophila subobscura; chromosome inversion; adaptation; natural selection; climate change

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