Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode Science Studies Journal - Annual Review

Mètode SSJMètode Science Studies Journal (ISSN 2174-3487 - eISSN 2174-9221) is a yearly peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, commentary and analysis on current research and science communication. We accept articles on all fields of science, which undergo a double-blind peer review quality process.

Mètode SSJ is indexed in Scopus, Emerging Source Citation Index, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among others.

Issue 10 (in progress)

Online First (Last update 5 March 2019)

The challenges of science

Pere Puigdomènech
Carlos Hidalgo
Pere Arús
Gemma Marfany
Jaume Terradas
Manuel Porcar, Juli Peretó

The memory of bones. Science at the service of history

Manuel Polo-Cerdá, Elisa García-Prósper
Ana Luisa Santos
Nicholas Marquez-Grant, Roland Wessling, Angela Ofele, Victoria Moore
Francisco Etxeberria, Fernando Serrulla
Mercedes Aler Gay, Ángel Carracedo Álvarez

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